How to discover yourself

To discover yourself, you must first know yourself. It's hard to explain the feeling that you're not opening yourself up to a clear experience that allows you to be self-sufficient and do something good for yourself in your life, but when you don't know who you really are, it's hard to ignore. Finding yourself is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth a try. Are you ready?So let's get started.

How to discover yourself

Awaken your conscience

Step 1 Create a schedule.

Create a schedule for your life. Write down all the important goals in your life that you feel or want to achieve. In turn, write down the events in your life that shaped your personality and influenced your formation. When life confronts us with difficulties and problems, it leads to fundamental changes in our thinking. This is how life experience shapes us into who we are. These events you write about are an essential component of your personality, not just a reflection of your society.

The goal of this is not to be sad or cry, but to find and clarify the problem. These problems can prevent you from discovering your abilities and getting to know yourself for who you really are.

Take the time to reflect and clarify the past with the help of tape from your life. A timeline of your life is a great tool that allows you to objectively identify past events that you consider important, it's like writing a resume for a job, writing that isn't complicated or overloaded and focuses on the key events and lessons learned from each past event.

When analyzing past negative experiences, focus on what you learned from them. There are bumps in the annals of every human life, but exaggerating or downplaying their importance will do you no good. Instead, realize that these experiences helped shape who you are and who you are now.

Step 2 Separate your thoughts from the thoughts of others.

Separate your thoughts from the thoughts of others. For most people (and this is more common than you think), it's easy to enter life guided by the ideas and situations around you. We actually provide a roadmap to “real life.” going to school. Do your job. He got married. Think this way, think no other way. And suddenly life ends. This is not that bad, except that it does not leave you much room for your creativity and ideas (of course, so at the end of the timeline you can see some of your own beliefs that are not based on logic, but on what others in your life have told you). Now what do you think?

Society subtly classifies everyone, condemns “losers,” praises “beauties” and expels “outsiders.” But please note that these interpretations and evaluations have no basis in fact. Think about what you think is good or bad. Not what someone else told you.

Think well. Do you really agree with the political direction and religious beliefs of your parents Your career is really the most important thing to you Wearing these thick black glasses makes you feel more elegant, if no, then that's great. It is completely normal not to accept common prejudices. Now all you have to do is forget what you learned, and this time rely on your own intuition to learn again.

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