Desert Dreams: Hints for Traveling to Saudi Arabia


Desert Dreams: Hints for Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Have you ever dreamed of embarking on a luxurious train journey through the majestic landscapes of Saudi Arabia? Well, get ready to turn your dreams into reality with the upcoming launch of the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train service. This extraordinary venture promises to redefine luxury travel in the Middle East and offer an unparalleled experience for passengers.

  • Discover the fusion of opulence and cultural richness on the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train
  • Explore the strategic move in Saudi Arabia's tourism sector and its ambitions to attract millions of international tourists
  • Experience the breathtaking visuals and cultural immersion during your journey
  • Learn about the rising global trend in luxury train travel
  • Understand the importance of embracing Saudi Arabia's cultural customs for a positive travel experience

The "Dream of the Desert" Train: A Fusion of Opulence and Cultural Richness

The "Dream of the Desert" train is not just a mode of transportation; it is a fusion of opulence and cultural richness. Saudi Arabia Railways has collaborated with Italy's Arsenale Group to bring this vision to life, infusing the train's design with a blend of Saudi tradition and Italian luxury.

The train will have 40 lavish cabins, accommodating 80 passengers, and will offer an all-encompassing luxury transportation experience. Inspired by Saudi style and tradition, the train's opulent interiors will provide a comfortable and visually stunning environment for passengers to enjoy during their journey.

Whether indulging in the plush seating or admiring the intricately designed details, passengers will be immersed in a world of lavishness and comfort. The fusion of Saudi Arabia's rich traditions with Italian luxury creates a truly unique atmosphere on board, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Opulent Interiors

The opulent interiors of the "Dream of the Desert" train will transport passengers to a realm of luxury. Elaborate furnishings, fine fabrics, and exquisite craftsmanship combine to create an ambiance of elegance and refinement. From the elegant dining car to the luxurious sleeping quarters, every inch of the train oozes opulence.

"The design of the train pays homage to Saudi Arabia's heritage while integrating the impeccable craftsmanship and elegance that Italy is known for. The result is a train that offers a journey of both luxury and cultural immersion." - Sarah Al-Nasser, Project Director of Saudi Arabia Railways

A Cultural Journey

As passengers embark on their luxury train experience, they will be treated not only to lavish surroundings but also to a cultural journey through Saudi Arabia. The train's design incorporates elements that reflect Saudi tradition, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the kingdom's rich heritage.

From intricate patterns inspired by traditional Saudi art to the use of locally sourced materials, the "Dream of the Desert" train celebrates the essence of Saudi culture. Passengers will have the opportunity to gain insights into the nation's customs, traditions, and history while enjoying the utmost luxury.

An Unparalleled Luxury Train Experience

The "Dream of the Desert" train aims to provide passengers with an unparalleled luxury train experience that combines the best of Saudi Arabia and Italian opulence. From the moment passengers step aboard, they will be enveloped in an atmosphere of refined indulgence.

With world-class amenities, exceptional service, and a backdrop of breathtaking desert landscapes, the train promises to create cherished memories for its guests. Whether journeying for leisure or business, the "Dream of the Desert" train offers an extraordinary fusion of luxury, culture, and exploration.

Features Details
Lavish Cabins 40 cabins accommodating 80 passengers
Opulent Interiors Elaborate furnishings, fine fabrics, and exquisite craftsmanship
Cultural Immersion Design inspired by Saudi tradition and heritage
Unforgettable Experience Breathtaking desert landscapes and exceptional service

Strategic Move in Saudi Arabia's Tourism Sector

The launch of the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train service marks a strategic move in Saudi Arabia's ongoing efforts to diversify its economy and boost its tourism sector. Recognizing the immense potential of the tourism industry, the kingdom has committed a staggering $800 billion investment over the next decade to develop and promote its travel and tourism offerings. The goal? To establish Saudi Arabia as a premier international tourist attraction, welcoming 70 million visitors annually by 2030.

This massive investment demonstrates Saudi Arabia's commitment to economic diversification, moving away from a heavy reliance on oil revenues and tapping into the lucrative tourism market. By leveraging the unique appeal of the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train, Saudi Arabia aims to position itself as a top destination for luxury travelers seeking unparalleled experiences.

With its lavish amenities, cultural immersion, and picturesque landscapes, the luxury train is expected to be a game-changer in attracting discerning global travelers to Saudi Arabia. Whether it's indulging in opulent interiors, savoring local delicacies, or exploring the mesmerizing beauty of the desert, the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train offers a singular experience that combines luxury, adventure, and rich cultural traditions.

By investing in the luxury train sector, Saudi Arabia aims to showcase its unique heritage, cultural diversity, and natural wonders to the world. This strategic move not only promises to cater to the growing demand for luxury travel experiences but also contributes to the kingdom's broader economic vision of becoming a diversified and thriving global player.

An Unforgettable Travel Experience

The "Dream of the Desert" train promises to offer passengers an unforgettable travel experience. With its stunning interiors, inspired by Saudi style and tradition, the train will transport passengers through breathtaking desert landscapes. The initial journey from Riyadh's North railway station, through Hail, to the Al Qurayyat station is expected to be a visual and cultural feast. The train will be available for reservations by the end of 2024, giving travelers the opportunity to plan their dream vacation on this unique luxury train.

Imagine gazing out of the train's panoramic windows, taking in the vast expanse of the Saudi Arabian desert. The mesmerizing golden dunes and the ever-changing play of light will create a visual spectacle that will leave you in awe. As you embark on your journey, the train's opulent interiors will surround you, immersing you in luxury and comfort. The fusion of Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage and Italian craftsmanship will elevate your travel experience to new heights.

"The "Dream of the Desert" luxury train is not just a mode of transportation; it is a portal to a world of opulence and adventure. From the moment you step aboard, you will be transported to a bygone era of luxury and indulgence."

Whether you are a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking a unique travel experience, the "Dream of the Desert" train has something for everyone. As you traverse the stunning desert landscapes, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of Saudi Arabia. From the vibrant markets of Riyadh to the ancient ruins of Hail, every destination along the route offers a glimpse into the country's captivating heritage.

The "Dream of the Desert" train is set to redefine luxury travel, offering a sensory journey through captivating landscapes and cultural landmarks. Don't miss the chance to embark on this unique travel experience. Reserve your luxury train tickets and prepare to embark on a visual and cultural feast like no other.

Why Choose the "Dream of the Desert" Train
Stunning desert landscapes
Opulent interiors inspired by Saudi style and tradition
Immersive cultural experiences
Luxury train reservations available

Global Trend in Luxury Train Travel

Saudi Arabia's entry into the luxury train market is a testament to the rising global trend in high-end rail travel. As more and more travelers seek eco-friendly alternatives to air transportation, countries around the world are investing heavily in luxury train infrastructures to cater to this growing demand. The "Dream of the Desert" luxury train in Saudi Arabia is set to make a grand entrance into this market, providing an exclusive and culturally rich travel experience.

Luxury trains have become not only a mode of transportation but also a symbol of opulence and sophistication. Celebrities and influencers are increasingly drawn to these unique travel experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in luxury, comfort, and breathtaking scenery.

In countries like the United States and France, significant investments are being made to upgrade existing luxury train services and develop new ones. This global shift towards luxury train travel highlights the desire for a more sustainable and luxurious way to explore the world.

Key Reasons for the Rising Trend in Luxury Train Travel

  • Eco-friendly alternatives: Luxury trains offer a greener way to travel, emitting fewer greenhouse gases compared to air travel. This appeals to environmentally conscious travelers who want to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Exclusive and culturally rich experiences: Luxury trains provide passengers with a unique opportunity to enjoy opulent interiors while traversing stunning landscapes. These experiences often include curated activities, fine dining, and opportunities to explore local culture and heritage.
  • Relaxation and comfort: Luxury trains are designed to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation during the journey. Passengers can enjoy spacious cabins, luxurious amenities, and impeccable service, creating a truly indulgent travel experience.
"The allure of luxury train travel lies in the combination of elegance, exclusivity, and exploration. It's a way to unwind and indulge in the opulence of a bygone era while immersing oneself in the beauty of the world." - Travel enthusiast and luxury train advocate, Emily Smith.

With Saudi Arabia's "Dream of the Desert" train joining the ranks of other esteemed luxury train services around the globe, luxury travelers now have even more options to satiate their wanderlust in style and sophistication.

Embracing Saudi Arabia's Cultural Customs

When traveling to Saudi Arabia, it is important to embrace the country's rich cultural heritage and customs. Understanding and respecting local traditions will not only enhance your travel experience but also show respect for the Saudi Arabian people and their way of life.

Dress Modestly

Although there is no legal requirement for tourists to wear an abaya (a loose-fitting black cloak) or headscarf, it is considerate to dress modestly. Women should cover their shoulders and knees, and men should avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts in public. By adhering to these guidelines, you can demonstrate your respect for Saudi Arabia's conservative dress code.

Mind Your Manners

Respecting Saudi Arabia's cultural customs goes beyond dressing appropriately. Greeting locals with Salam Alaykum (peace be upon you) is a common and respectful way to acknowledge others. Additionally, it is important to refrain from engaging in public displays of affection, as these may be considered offensive or inappropriate.

"Respecting cultural customs is like sprinkling magical hospitality dust that opens doors to meaningful connections with locals."

Immerse Yourself

To fully appreciate Saudi Arabia's cultural richness, take the opportunity to learn about its heritage and traditions. Engage in conversations with locals, visit cultural sites, and participate in traditional activities. This immersive experience will not only deepen your understanding but also create lasting memories.

Be Open-minded

Traveling to a new country means encountering new customs and ways of life. Embrace the unfamiliar with an open mind and a willingness to learn. By approaching Saudi Arabia with respect and curiosity, you will have the opportunity to gain a unique perspective and create meaningful connections with the local community.

Must-Visit Places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a treasure trove of captivating destinations that offer a mix of historical, cultural, and natural wonders. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a nature lover, Saudi Arabia has something to offer for everyone. Here are some must-visit places to include in your itinerary:


  • Al Masmak Fortress: Immerse yourself in history by visiting this iconic fortress that played a significant role in the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Diriyah: Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Diriyah, an ancient city that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia.
  • Najd Village: Step back in time as you wander through the narrow streets and mud houses of Najd Village, experiencing the traditional way of life in Saudi Arabia.
  • Riyadh Front: Indulge in a shopping and entertainment extravaganza at Riyadh Front and the Boulevard, where you can find a blend of luxury brands, international cuisine, and vibrant entertainment options.


  • Hegra: Discover the awe-inspiring ancient city of Hegra (Mada'in Saleh), a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its rock-cut tombs and archaeological wonders.
  • Elephant Rock: Marvel at the unique rock formation known as Elephant Rock (Jabal Alfil), shaped like an elephant standing majestically in the desert.
  • Maraya: Behold the mesmerizing mirrored building of Maraya, which reflects the surrounding landscape and offers a truly surreal experience.
  • Old Town: Journey through history as you explore the Old Town of AlUla, with its well-preserved archaeological remains that date back thousands of years.
  • Habitas: Experience luxury in harmony with nature at the stunning eco-resort of Habitas, where you can unwind and reconnect with the captivating beauty of the natural surroundings.

These iconic destinations in Saudi Arabia will take you on a journey of discovery, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of this extraordinary country.


Traveling to Saudi Arabia offers a once-in-a-lifetime luxury travel experience with the launch of the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train service. This ambitious project showcases Saudi Arabia's dedication to boosting its tourism sector and attracting international travelers. The fusion of Saudi tradition and Italian luxury in the train's design creates a visually stunning and culturally immersive journey.

To fully embrace the Saudi Arabian experience, it is important for travelers to respect local customs and immerse themselves in the country's rich heritage. From exploring historical sites in Riyadh to marveling at the natural wonders of AlUla, Saudi Arabia provides a captivating and enriching travel destination for all.

Whether you are drawn to Saudi Arabia for its cultural immersion, luxury travel experience, or simply to explore its tourism offerings, this diverse and dynamic country has something to offer every traveler. Plan your dream vacation to Saudi Arabia and embark on an unforgettable journey that combines opulence, historical significance, and an immersive cultural experience.


When will the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train service launch?

The "Dream of the Desert" luxury train service is set to begin operations in late 2025.

How many passengers can the "Dream of the Desert" train accommodate?

The train will have 40 lavish cabins, accommodating 80 passengers.

What is the purpose of the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train service?

The launch of the luxury train service is a strategic move by Saudi Arabia to enhance its tourism sector and attract 70 million international tourists annually by 2030.

How can I make reservations for the "Dream of the Desert" luxury train?

Reservations for the luxury train will be available by the end of 2024.

What should I wear when visiting Saudi Arabia?

While there is no legal requirement for tourists to wear an abaya or headscarf, it is respectful to dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees.

What are some must-visit places in Saudi Arabia?

Some must-visit places in Saudi Arabia include the historical Al Masmak Fortress and UNESCO World Heritage site Diriyah in Riyadh, as well as the ancient city of Hegra (Mada'in Saleh), Elephant Rock (Jabal Alfil), and the stunning eco-resort Habitas in AlUla.

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