What's the metaverse and what is its impact?

 The term "meta-verse" has been widely used, and it consists of two parts: the first part, "meta", means "beyond or beyond" existing things, or refers to "changes or transformations" in things. The second part, “verse,” is an abbreviation of the word “universe,” which means “world.”

What's the metaverse

Therefore, we chose to translate the word “meta-verse” into Arabic, which means “world of change.” This world has a definition that gives a specific content related to it, but at the same time it also expresses the essence of the world in which we live in its general sense, that is, the changes and transformations that this world is witnessing. They have witnessed and testify that wherever they are, they are people who have an effective impact on human life.

There is no doubt that anyone who remembers human life at the beginning of the third millennium AD will see that there is a huge difference between yesterday and today. This is particularly reflected in the development of information services and their social and professional applications.

meta-verse development

This development led, among other things, to the emergence of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the trend towards the Fifth Industrial Revolution. As a result, we now live in a world of unprecedented rapid change.

On this basis, the term “the changing world” appeared, which emphasizes the nature of the world in this era and defines the existing and accelerating content and cognitive development, moving towards a new world and providing solutions that affect human life with unprecedented data.

“Global Transformation: Metaverse” has multiple definitions, highlighting its technological features, applications and future path. Based on these definitions, this world depends on the “Internet” as its infrastructure, and thus it is an analogy for the Internet world.

The word "cybernetics" is a Greek expression that has spread across languages around the world to express many widely available Internet-based information applications, such as e-government, commerce, social networks, and others. The world of transformation adds other, more complex applications to these applications, especially the “Virtual Reality: VR” application and its related applications.

The impact of meta-verse applications on domains

Such applications provide new services in various fields, as we will present in this article.

On this basis, the transformed world can be viewed as a world linked to the Internet world, sharing its dependence on the Internet and providing new applications with special characteristics that distinguish them from the applications of the current Internet world. usable.

These applications include functions that enable them to build three-dimensional virtual models in various fields, through which they present a virtual world, enjoy useful and advanced data, and serve humanity through innovative means, including supporting processing and benefiting from virtual reality.

Of course, the Internet, as a potential infrastructure for applications in an interconnected and shifting world, will require greater capacity and capacity to absorb the application data that passes through it.

It may be useful here to point out the principles of “scientific perception” on which virtual reality is based. This principle requires transforming data that express scientific ideas or facts into forms and images that are presented to humans as if they were a reality that they can see and interact with.

To this end, special computer languages are being developed that enhance the role of scientific imaging in building virtual reality applications in various fields.

On this basis, virtual reality applications depend on simulating real reality, and providing humans with another virtual reality with which they can interact in various ways and obtain useful data through virtual reality. It should be noted here that a special case has been created for virtual reality applications called “Augmented Reality: AR”.

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