The 9 most beautiful beaches in the world

 What is wonderful is how wonderful it is to be on a distant beach, where our feet escape from the worries of the workplace and life, jump into the warm white sand, hit the gentle waves and get rid of all the pain, stress and fatigue, and these are the days we deserve after hard work, where peace reigns. Silence prevails in the surrounding environment. how to do that?

The 9 most beautiful beaches in the world

And for those looking for this beauty, the annual ranking of the 50 best beaches in the world for 2023 has been published. The ranking is led by Big 7 Travel, a media company that compares global travel destinations.

The award for the best beach in the world went to the “White Beach” in the Philippines, which was called the undisputed pearl. Cabo San Juan Beach in Colombia "Tropical Paradise" took 2nd place, and Yarosi Beach in St. Lucia - 3rd.

Below is a selection of beaches recognized as the best beaches of 2023:

01-White beaches in the Philippines

Voted Best Beach of 2023, and described as a true gem, the beach is only accessible by boat from the nearby village of Port Burton, where you'll enjoy soft sand, hammocks and kayak rentals.

02- Cabo San Juan Beach in Colombia

Located in Tyrone National Park, it is a long walk to reach, and is a great place to camp on the beach, swim, enjoy the calm sea, and stargaze.

03- Yarosi Beach on the island of Saint Lucia

Described as a tropical paradise, with white sand, crystal clear water, diverse vegetation and distinctive volcanic peaks, this beach is an ideal place for a wonderful and unforgettable holiday, and is also suitable for those who want to relax away from crowded beaches.

04-Kandwa Beach in Zanzibar

The beach, which differs from others with its shiny golden sand and clear emerald water, allows you to eat fresh coconuts while on this beautiful beach.

05-Whitehaven Beach, Australia

This beach, with its shiny white quartz sand, extends for 7 kilometers and is one of the cleanest beaches in the world. Its sand differs in that it does not retain heat, so it is a great place for walking barefoot.1

06-Source: Jane Beach House in Seychelles

This beach features warm shallow water and sparkling sand, and to get to the beach, you need to go through the coconut plantations of El Union Estate, where sea turtles swim from the shore.

07-Navajo Beach in Greece

A huge white sand beach, marked by turquoise waters and high cliffs surrounding it, is a secluded cove accessible only by boat, named after a ship that sank off the coast.

08-Glass Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands

A pearl that sparkles with amazing waters and flawless sand, the total length of the beach is more than 3 kilometers and is considered one of the 1 pristine beaches where the water appears extremely clear.

09-Lang Co Beach in Vietnam

It is a unique little beach with incredibly beautiful views stretching across the mountains of central Vietnam, perfect for those who want to swim away from the tourist attractions and crowded beaches that many people visit.

In the Arabian Peninsula, the only beach included in the list of the top 50 beaches is Naama Bay Beach in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, ranked 35. It is described as a bay characterized by golden sand and sea, rich in unique marine flora and fauna and coral reefs. It is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the Red Sea.

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